Here we'll be submitting a list of character concepts we have.

However, before getting down to anything like stats (health points, run speed, etc), we'll need to brainstorm a bit more about gameplay mechanics.

Still, feel free to add your characters here, grouped by canon.

How to add a new hero concept Edit

1. To begin, go to the CHARACTER TEMPLATE, click EDIT, and copy all the text.

2. Go back to this page, and add the name of the hero to this list with double square brackets, and save the page

3. Double click on the red text with your character and click EDIT, then paste the template's text.

Carttown (SinkCandy) Edit

Layla's Games & Stuff (SinkCandy) Edit

Spellbound (Metaslice) Edit

Project ALIVE (LukaLoginska) Edit

IslandOfFreaks (LukaLoginska) Edit

 ??? (CrescentBlueZero) Edit

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