Backstory Edit

Hailing from the distant Planet Meta in the Project ALIVE digital universe, Butterscotch is an agent on a mission: A mission to befriend humanity, and live in harmony. This means gathering intelligence, spying but most of the time, being so cute that nobody would even suspect of her mission.

She comes from a very different culture, and constantly is trying to learn more about what's normal or not.

She was one of the lead agents that helped put an end to the Great Space War, which was a showdown between all the insect species on Planet Meta. From being an agent, she has access to some advanced technology, like forcefields and her Immobilizer ray, capable of stopping people in their tracks without hurting them. She fights for peace, and when needed, she will be there to help.

General Play Style Edit

Butterscotch is great for running and gunning tactics. The full air mobility allows her to get out of the range of short-range goons and distract them away from the team - but players need to be very good at keeping track of targets while they're moving and spinning and flying all around.

Although Butterscotch has a large amount of forcefield health, her squishy health pool means that players need to be careful when flying without any cover nearby, as goons will prefer to focus on flying targets, and it is very difficult to dodge goons with hitscan bullets. Another cavet of her low health is that she will almost never benefit from healers, and because of this, she isn't very good at standing in high-pressure areas.

Butterscotch is not only about good aim while moving, but also about awareness. A sniper goon is her main counter, since she will be forced to take cover if she does not land a few good shots with her Rapid Pulsars secondary fire mode.

Unique abilities Edit

(Jump) Fly - Butterscotch's light equipment allows her to fly freely in the air with her wings, but with an accuracy penalty that make long-range shots impossible.

(Passive) Slowfall - When not holding the crouch, she falls 75% slower. This is useful for her to be able to float around and fire at goons down below to distract them from the main team.

(E) Ability: Share shield - When aimed at a teammate, Butterscotch splits her forcefield in half, projecting half of her forcefield to the targeted teammate for as long as they remain in her line of sight, up to medium range. Pressing (E) while this is active will cause Butterscotch to stop sharing the field. This is useful for helping teammates who are in a pinch.

(Crouch + Jump + Forwards) Ability: Dash - Butterscotch dashes forwards towards where she is looking at. (5 second cooldown)

(Crouch + Jump + Strafe) Ability: Dodge - Butterscotch flaps her wings sideways to dodge in a direction. (5 second cooldown)

Fighting Spirit: Forcefield overdrive - Butterscotch switches to her Immobilizer. It transforms into the Plasma Cannon, which shoots explosive balls of plasma as a projectile in a heavy arc. Her forcefield is supercharged to 1000, and every shot consumes 50 forcefield units, dealing a decent amount of DPS. This lasts for a maximum of 30 seconds, or until her forcefield falls back to 200. This also benefits her "Share field" ability, because she can choose anyone to buff them with half of her forcefield reserves.

Weapons/Tools/Attack modes Edit

  • Immobilizer
    • (Primary fire) Slow down enemies within a cone in front of Butterscotch, up to medium range, and up to 50% slowdown
    • (Secondary fire) Charge up for 2 seconds, and trap goons in an immobility bubble for 5 seconds
    • (Alt fire) Push back goons with a gravitational push. The closer they are, the further the push.
  • Dual Rapid Pulsars
    • Two full-auto, rapid-fire laser pistols that overheat over time.
    • (Primary fire) High spread / medium range / high fire rate, average DPS
    • (Secondary attack) Low spread / long range / low fire rate, average DPS