Backstory Edit

Grown up in Canada on Prince Edward Island, she was originally a human before she transformed into a Freak. She was always weak and unsure of herself, always relying on her boyfriend to save her from her own self-doubts.

However, everything changed when an economic collapse had hit, and total anarchy marched its way into the streets, leaving her and her lover in great danger. They were mistreated by local gangs, who wanted to get their hands on her soulmate because of his riches and possessions.

One final day, she broke - she became totally different, and an enormous amount of determination and dedication changed her physical appearance into a desert-themed "dust dragon". Her epiphany was, that if there's anything that needs to be done, it's either all - or none. And she went for the all.

Now she fights to restore peace, and to deliver a dose of well-deserved justice to anyone who crosses her righteous path.

General Play Style Edit

Binary doesn't only dish out serious damage, but also has the ability to regenerate health without needing health pickups or healers, allowing players to be more independent. Because of her armour combined with health regeneration, she is also slightly tankier than a normal character.

Binary is a lot about twitch aim, and being quick with shots.

Her main disadvantage is her small Canadian mag sizes - she has to be careful not to be caught with an empty clip. Binary excels at taking out big scary targets, but finds problems with mobility and crowds.

Unique abilities Edit

(Passive) Regeneration - Binary slowly regenerates health at 2 HP / second after not taking damage for 3 seconds.

(E) Split Second - Binary slows time down to a crawl for 10 seconds. This can also be triggered in midair. During this time, the entire player team, including teammates, can select a target to attack or a location to aim. When the 10 seconds are over, close-up cinematics of each teammate firing / swinging their weapons are shown in succession, followed by a sequence of their targets being shot / whacked. Each of these 'planned' shots gain a x4 damage bonus. (2 minute cooldown)

(Jump + Forwards) Ability: Leap - Binary leaps forwards with the help of her wings.

(Jump + Backwards) Ability: Backwards leap - Binary leaps backwards, flapping her wings once.

Fighting Spirit: In the Zone - Binary becomes extremely focused and has a surge of determination. Her reload speed increases by 50%. Her accuracy becomes pin-point, even from hip-fire. Lastly, she also gains a temporary 4HP/second regeneration that is active even when actively being damaged. This lasts for 30 seconds.

Weapons/Tools/Attack modes Edit

  • Timberwolf
    • 5 rounds, 5 second reload
    • (Primary) Slow fire rate, extreme damage, moderate accuracy
    • (Secondary) Zoom into scope to get pinpoint accuracy
    • (Alt) Shove
  • Etro 7 Tactical shotgun
    • 5 rounds, 0.5 seconds to reload 1 round
    • (Primary) Fast fire rate, low to extreme damage depending on range
    • (Alt) Shove
  • Dual M9A3
    • 30 rounds, 4 second reload time
    • (Primary) Fast fire rate, average DPS
    • (Alt) Shove